2 Become 1- News About The Clumber Park Duathlon

Today I woke up with the plan to prepare by bikes and kit for the upcoming #2in2duathlons weekend, starting with the Clumber Park Duathlon. My road bike is in the dining room alongside my helmet and glasses. Nearby I have my gravel bike and spare wheels in preparation for the bad weather that has been forecast. As usual, I take a break to listen to Ken Bruce’s Popmaster on Radio 2. Just as Ken was mid-flow in round 1, I receive an email notification.

As I opened the email, the headline made my heart sink:


As I scrolled down the email,  it turns out that the same weather conditions that had caused me to consider taking precautions , has in fact caused the organisers to postpone the event. The event will hopefully be being rescheduled to the 5th of May. Of course, I will still be participating. However, the news of the postponement has cleared thrown a wrench into my plans for #2in2 Duathlons this weekend.

I even checked the website to find the news being confirmed.

And so, just like that, 2 have indeed become 1.

I am still confident that the Windsor Duathlon will go ahead as planned as the weather ‘down south’ is forecast to be much better. Meanwhile, as I await the 5th of May, rest assured that I will not be spending the morning resting. Tomorrow morning, I plan to attend the 8:45am BoxHit session at my local gym. This will not only help towards my training, but will also allow me better prepare for Sunday’s Duathlon with the hope to beat my previous time of 1:31:55.

Nobody is as disappointed in the postponement of the Duathlon as I am, but the fundraising continues and so does my training. Keep an eye out on Sunday for news about my progress on the Windsor Duathlon.


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