Another One Bites The Dust – The Windsor Duathlon

This weekend was supposed to be the first of my fundraising events – The #2in2duathlons. The first would be the Clumber Park Duathlon on Saturday. Then, after football, we planned to travel down to Maidenhead for the Windsor Duathlon.

On Friday, I received the news that the OSB Events Clumber Park Duathlon would be postponed due to the so-called ‘Beast From The East 2’. In Friday’s post, I reassured any and all blog readers that the show would go on and that I still planned to compete in the Windsor Duathlon today. Yesterday I used the time that I WOULD have spent competing at Clumber Park at the gym in training.

With the van still packed with my gravel bike and road bike ready for the Windsor Duathlon, Nicola and I headed up to Rochdale to watch AFC Wimbledon gain a point at the Crown Oil Arena. The event company in charge of the Windsor Duathlon assured us that any changes to today’s event would be posted by 5pm. I had Nicola on Twitter-watch every ten minutes from half time and throughout the drive from Rochdale to Maidenhead.

Finally, at 7pm, F3 Events tweeted that the event would indeed go ahead but would start at 9:30am instead of 8:30 (great! An extra hour in bed!) And so, we arrived at the hotel at 9pm. We grabbed some food, set out our equipment for the following day (energy bars, gels, and suitable clothing for me and Nicola swapping the energy gels for a Combat Stress fundraising bucket), and tried to get an early night.

This Morning (Sunday March 18th)

At 5am I was awoken by a similar ominous tolling that had rudely interrupted Ken Bruce on Friday…an email…from F3 Events.

F3 Windsor Update

Needless to say, my heart sank.

Windsor Duathlon Update

Yes folks, you read that right. After driving down from Rochdale to Maidenhead after a 7pm reassurance, the Windsor Duathlon had indeed been cancelled. And so Nicola and I left the hotel, grabbed some breakfast, and began the journey back home to Derbyshire. No sore legs, no race times, and no funds raised.

The postponed events have been rearranged for April (exact date still unknown) and May the 5th. These will be the next fundraising events for me. I know that I will definitely be competing in the rearranged Clumber Park Duathlon (May 5th). However, until the date is confirmed I can’t guarantee my availability for the Windsor Duathlon. Rest assured that if I have to cancel, I will inform people PRIOR to 5am on the day. I guess that I’m just nice like that.

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