TOC – Gran Fondo Sportive – Completed!

The latest event no 4 of the 7 for this is now done! On Sunday I took part in and completed the Tour Of Cambridge Gran Fondo Sportive. This event was 79.4 miles long and I got around it in 4hrs & 14mins! The average speed there was 18.5mph. For those that don’t know the event it starts off from the Peterborough Arena heads down through Alconbury before scouting the outskirts of Ramsey & Whittlesey before coming through Yaxley and back to the showground. It’s not a massively hilly route with a total elevation of 1800ft over the near 80 miles so quite a quick course. This is aided by the Closed roads setup and the support from the villages as you came through them.

This event is one of the biggest in the country with 8000 riders taking part and is really well set up with plenty of support staff , marshals and as a few found out on Sunday medical staff too. The standard of the riders differed immensely from those that were serious racers to a couple of bikes that looked like they were currently touring with panniers!

The were 3 “Pit stops” on the way around but i had the great (as it seemed at the time) idea of just doing it in one go no stopping. Up until the 60mile mark  this strategy seemed to be working well as I was averaging at this point 19.7 mph. However with about 15 miles to push and the last few inclines I started to get cramp in my adductors and rode through it as best I could. the average speed took a knock but I was pretty pleased to see the finish line knowing I could sort the cramp out!

There’s a few more pics on here and as you can see it was a beautifully sunny afternoon and I was adorned with my Combat Stress cycling top (which btw is very comfy!). We or should I say I have a bit of a break now until the next event on 22nd July which is another bike ride, this time breaking the 100 mile barrier for the first time on a bike! There’s more training to get in to prepare for this one and hopefully 2 stronger adductors aswell



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