Nottinghamshire Wheeler- Done! One more event to go!

On Sunday 22nd July it was time to take on event no 5 of the 6 for Combat Stress. The Nottinghamshire Wheeler is a road bike event run by UK Cycling events (Peak Pioneer was theirs too). Taking on the “Epic” 101 mile course was a challenge to say the least. It was the first time I’d ridden over 100 miles so was pleased to break this barrier, and it was broken in 6hrs 45mins which worked out as an average speed of 15mph.


The weather preceeding the event was super hot but we were lucky on the day for the majority of it to be overcast although still warm. This event starts off at Southwell racecourse and heads out towards Retford in the North before looping around via meandering lanes and beautiful countryside. There’s just one more “Physical” type event left for this year and that’s a Duathlon in October.

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