Car Boot success!

On Sunday the 5th August the latest fundraising plan was hatched. Ably assisted by my partner Nicola we set off at 5.30am to the Tansley Car boot sale. After a quick stop to load up all the stock we arrived at 6am! I’d been in contact with the boot sale organisers before so they knew we were coming and we got a really decent pitch. As we parked up and began to unload the van in to our very own version of  “Thompson’s Independent Traders” items started to sell. At this point I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that donated things for the sale. Admittedly half of the stuff had been in my loft for more years than I care to remember but the regulars from the George & Dragon in Clay Cross came through with an abundance of goods ranging from Tall lamps to Welly boots!


Most of the buyers had been and gone by about 10am, some were more generous than others and there were some kind folks that didn’t buy anything but still donated. By Midday alot of the regular “booters” were packing up and heading home. We wanted to go for aslong as possible but by 1pm things including visitors were getting thinner on the ground and decided to call it a day. It was a great time of selling goods and I’m sure the locals appreciated my “Banter” throughout the day. The total raised was £246.50p which was an epic total to add to the pot.

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