The Countdown is on!

It’s less than 14 days now until I head off to Norway for the Husky sled challenge. Flight tickets arrived yesterday along with some handy info on only having a baggage limit of 20kg!

Having had a look at the weather forecast for the week I’m there, I must say I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not going to be colder! Although near freezing is going to be, well, nearly freezing, I was weirdly looking forward to coming back with epic tales of frozen beards and near frostbite!

On the subject of keeping warm I got some great tips from the get together we had in early December but have still seem to have acquired shares in Cotswold, Go Outdoors et al! Plenty of gloves, lots of layers and some fine headwear too!

The fundraising for Combat Stress so far has been awesome but let’s push it a bit more. Currently it’s £5560, if you’ve not been able to donate yet then please do via this link